Mangal Phera

Mangal Phera refers to the auspicious rounds that the bride and groom take around the sacred fire during the wedding ceremony. The number of rounds can vary, with some tradition doing seven pheras and some customs doing four pheras.

Significance of Mangal Phera:

Symbolic Vows:

Each phera symbolizes a specific vow or promise that the couple makes to each other. These vows cover aspects of life such as mutual respect, support, prosperity, and spiritual growth.

Union of Souls:

The pheras signify the union of two souls, bound by sacred promises and mutual commitment. It marks the official and spiritual bonding of the couple.

Spiritual Aspect:

The pheras are not just a ritual but a spiritual journey, with each step invoking blessings from the divine for a harmonious and prosperous married life.


In summary, the mangal phera and Agni are deeply intertwined with the spiritual, social, and cultural fabric of Hindu weddings. The mangal pheras signify the couple’s vows and their journey together, while Agni sanctifies the marriage, purifies the participants, and acts as a divine witness to their union. Together, they ensure that the marriage is not just a social contract but a sacred and spiritually blessed union.