Hindu Poojas

As a Hindu Priest I enjoy conducting other sacred Hindu Poojas. Here are a few which I regularly do.

The Satyanarayan Puja

This puja is performed in reverence to Lord Vishnu. Many people carry out this puja, after major achievements in life or immediately after or along with an auspicious occasion like a marriage or new house. It is usually performed by families to preserve and enhance family harmony and to bring success and enjoyment to all.

Griha Pravesh

is essential when buying and entering a new residence. The Puja is performed to remove any impurities or bad vibes that may linger in the property, and bring peace, prosperity and auspiciousness in new residence. A Ganesh Puja is performed and then Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune and Lord Vishnu are then invited along with Vastu Purusha


Different families perform this ceremony at different ages. As in all samskaras, family, friends and a Hindu priest get together in the home or in a temple. The parents of the child sacrifice the beauty of their child by shaving their child’s head, and in exchange they ask God for long life and prosperity for their child