On the day of Ramnavami

On the day of Ramnavami. The appearance of Sri Maryada Purshotam Ramachandra Bhagvan . He is the symbol of an ideal husband , ideal son and loving brother. By his example let us learn to be better husbands , better sons and loving human beings. Bolo Ramachandra Bhagvan ki Jai!

Salute to all those Fathers

Salute to all those Fathers who sacrifice their own happiness for their children. Let us take a moment to appreciate their dedication in trying to give us what is best in life. A Father’s love is unmotivated and unconditional, may we learn to be selfless in this same way and appreciate them each day.

Radha and Krishna

Sri Sri Radha and Krishna are the eternal divine couple and are forever bound up in a transcendental love for one another. May we learn from Radharani how to offer love in our lives. Radha-Krishna have today become a single term, both having no meaning without each other. They are One.